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I grow slime moulds to design cities. And I study microscopic sea creatures to construct zero-energy buildings.

The research that I’ve led has been featured by 100+ media outlets, industry reviews, and engineering toolkits worldwide (e.g., Nature, Bloomberg, Fast Company), while earning me more than a dozen awards in renewable energy and sustainability. 

I’ve been invited to speak about my work on a range of podcasts and radio shows (e.g., Learning from Nature), been commissioned to write about the research by international magazines (e.g., Architektur Aktuell), and along the way I’ve had the privilege of mentoring over a dozen students on spinoff trajectories (from undergraduate design projects to award-winning global sustainability proposals).

I'm currently a PhD Candidate in Joanna Aizenberg's Biomineralization and Biomimetics Lab at Harvard University, and I spend most of my time trying to develop a new type of energy-saving technology: liquid windows.

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