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I grow single-celled slime molds to develop more resilient cities and I study microscopic sea creatures to design zero-energy buildings.

The related, published research that I’ve led has been featured by 100+ media outlets, scientific journals, and engineering toolkits worldwide (e.g., Nature, Bloomberg, Fast Company),while earning me 30+ prestigious awards, distinctions, and fellowships (worth >$1M) in renewable energy and sustainability.

I’ve been invited to speak about my work on a range of podcasts and radio shows like CBC and Learning from Nature, and to design/research teams at places like NASA. In addition, I have been commissioned to write about the implications of my research by international magazines (e.g., Architektur Aktuell), and I have been asked to develop policy with international governments and speak to Presidential/Prime Ministerial delegations worldwide. As a manager, I have mentored over two dozen students, from undergraduate design projects to award-winning global sustainability proposals.


I'm currently a PhD Candidate in Joanna Aizenberg's Biomineralization and Biomimetics Lab at Harvard University developing what I believe to be the first platform capable of universally manipulating climate within buildings.

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